Roulette – most classic casino game of all?

Roulette is a game of chance typical of casinos, in its older versions. Its name is due to the French term “Roulette” that means “small wheel” or “caster”. It is known that its use, in the most remote versions, dates back to the Middle Ages. In addition, the earliest known reference is “The Wheel of Fortune” which, coincidentally (or not?) Is the same name that receives one of the tarot cards.

We see, then, that roulette has had, for many centuries, a certain connection with the world of magic and esoteric. The magic that is implicit in its movement has impacted many of the generations of the last six or seven centuries of contemporary history. Being more accurate in historical terms, let’s note that it is believed that the creation of roulette is due to the great French thinker Blaise Pascal, who devised a wheel of 36 numbers (without zero), in which a great balance can be found.

Now, in order to answer the question that “this is the most classic casino game of all?”, It is necessary to clarify the concept of “casino” itself, because, otherwise, it would definitely have to be said that it is not more traditional, since it is known that the letters, in general, (not just those of the tarot), served as a diversion and motive for the prominent men of the Far East for more than 25 centuries.

It is even known that it was one of the most well-known and supposed forms of entertainment of soldiers of the earliest times of the Far East who, when they were not in battle, tended to become extremely bored and, as a consequence of to engage in some vices that ended in fights and other inappropriate behavior within the military.

Now, to determine the concept of “casino” in order to answer the initial question, is much more complex than we could imagine, since, since the same antiquity, there were already certain shops in which only gambling was practiced and others where skills, skills and concentration should be involved, as in the case of chess.

We should not circumscribe the concept of “casino” to its modern version because that would be like saying that bars of antiquity were not bars. A casino is not just an enclosure full of machines, tables, lights, people, music, dealers, beautiful women, and liquor.

So, and to answer the question, we must answer that roulette is not the most classic and traditional game of casinos. Yes, it is quite popular for several centuries, even, but it is not the most classic of all because the cards have been played for more than 25 centuries.

Craps Strategies a.k.a. How to Win at Craps Every Time

Craps is one of the varieties of playing dice. All players throw alternately bones and, depending on the combination, the winner is determined and the winnings are paid. The rules of the game in craps are quite simple and seem complicated only at first glance. For the game, two pairs of special dice with six faces are used. Bets are made on a table that has a special markup that divides it into areas by the sum of two dropped bones. With couple simple craps strategies, you can win at craps easily and often.

Craps was first heard back in 1120, this game was quite popular among English knights. Craps helped them brighten up loneliness during military campaigns. Its current name of the game was approximately in the 17-18 century. Nowadays, many people prefer to play craps online.

In accordance with the rules of the game in craps, the player throwing dice is called a thrower and depending on the dropped numbers, the final result of the game is determined. The most popular and most often winning prizes are:

Pass Line is one of the most popular bets, the bet is made only after the announcement of the beginning of a new game. At this bet, a combination of 7 or 11 is the winning one. In the event of a combination of 2, 3 or 12 on the bones, the player loses his bet. When a combination of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 is dropped, it is marked as Point. In order to win at craps, you need to have a Point combination in time for subsequent shots, if 7 falls before the Point combination is repeated, the player is considered the winner. Payment is made in the amount of 1 to 1. This is one of the craps strategies that you should try if you are a new player.

Odds on Pass Line, after the Point combination on the bones, the player has the right to make an additional bet. For each Point combination, there are different payout sizes. It is considered that the player won if Point drops out before the combination of 7. The bet can be canceled. Craps strategies don’t end there.

Come the main difference of this bet from the Pass Line bet is that it is done at any moment of the craps game. The player is the winner if the combination of 7 or 11 falls on the bones. In case of a combination of 2, 3 or 12, the bet is lost. When a combination of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 is dropped, the player rolls the dice until the point is dropped, in which case the player’s bet is winning. In the event of a loss of 7 or 11, the player’s bet loses. Payments occur in a ratio of 1 to 1.

In addition to these bets, other bets and craps strategies are also made when playing. The chances of your win at craps when playing craps are higher than when playing many other gambling games. This great probability of winning makes it one of the most popular games.

Different types of online slots you must know

If you are new to online slot sites, all slot games will appear pretty much the same to you, since they look that way. But trust me, it isn’t! Slot games are of various kinds and will always have a different gaming experience for you.

Here are few of the different types of online slots that you must know about.

  1. Classic Slots

The simplicity of these slots makes them the best place to start. These lack bells and whistles. The winnings are usually generated on three reels and between one and five pay lines. While some slots may offer the basic game, others may also offer bonus games. It is very similar to the three-reel slots.

  1. Video Slots

Slot machines were traditional with reels or large metal hoops that physically spun inside the machine. It was only in the 1970s that the slots began with their transition into the video era. The video slots have digital spinning reels which are displayed on a screen and a spin button that the player has to press to make the reels spin. They were a precursor for today’s online slots, with a video technology which allowed the introduction of features like bonus games and free rounds.

  1. Progressive jackpots

After video slots next came the progressive jackpots, where the jackpot grows as people play the game until someone wins the game. This led to the departure of the fixed top jackpots which was normally available in slot machines. Also, after the introduction of progressive jackpots, casinos realised that the jackpots could be made bigger by linking multiple machines together.

With a huge number of players from across the globe, for one progressive jackpot, chances of winning becomes very less, but the lucky one to win could expect a huge payout.

  1. 3D Slots

These incorporate three-dimensional characters and narratives, with the ever-steady advance of computer technology enabling designers and developers to continue pushing the creative boundaries. With the hype of 3D around the globe, this seemed like an obvious upgradation, since slot gaming providers continue to look for new ways to maximise interest in slot games. One may expect these 3D slots to be based on a theme from a film, TV or media franchise.

  1. Fruit Machines

Seen as and sometimes confused to be slot machines, Fruit Machines rose to prominence with the ban of placement of slot machines anywhere other than licensed casinos. They were mainly designed for bars, arcades and pubs where slot-style machines that didn’t pay out a huge amount of cash rewards were in-demand.

Though both fruit machines and slot machines resemble each other a lot, fruit machines have additional features in the games which require more player interaction in comparison to the slot machines. Like Cash Ladder, where the player guesses higher or lower to determine their next move, added with features of a bonus trail or bonus board. One can easily find an online version of a fruit machine.


Various kinds of reel slots you must know

Slot machines which are one of the most popular casino games and constitute for about 70 percent of the average US Casino’s income. They are known as the slots game because there are slots on the machines for inserting or retrieving coins. When they came into the market, all slot machines used five revolving mechanical reels. They were simple to use and more reliable, but with the passage of time, the three-reel machines became the standard. Later six and seven-reel slots were also introduced. These reel slots are few of the most popular among the thousands of variants of slots games.

  1. Five Reel Slots

While many might say that the three-reel slots were the first ones to come out or the original types, others believe five-reel slots came first. They are the most popular type today and with abundant themes, bonuses and free mini games being offered along with these, their popularity is ever-increasing! These are said to be able to have a greater number of winning combinations, hence increasing the probability of winning for a player. These are also the only reel slots to offer bonus games.

  1. Three Reel Slots

As I mentioned earlier, there are clashes in beliefs as to which one came first, three-reel slots or five-reel slots. These are one of the best types of slot games but are also free of any extra features like bonus events, etc. While for some, these features may be a distraction, for others it might also be a motivating factor to play the games. These are comparatively basic and might disappoint your expectations of bonuses, but offer big payouts.

  1. Six Reel Slots

With the increasing popularity of reel slots, software providers routinely tried to experiment with other formats where the number of reels could be increased. Having been able to do that six-reel slots were introduced. With just one more reel, it has made it much more complicated, due to the increase in some possibilities. Bigger prizes are awarded to those who achieve combinations of six in a row since these perfect combinations are so hard to achieve. These 6-reel slots are not very common, neither in the online mode nor the land-based casinos. The increased complexity of this game has kept many gamblers out as their main intention is always to increase their chances of winning, while this slot does just the opposite.

  1. Seven Reel Slots

For people who believe in “more is more” principle, there is nothing like this slot. Found very rarely in land-based casinos and offered only by some online casinos, these slots barely exist. With the increased complexity due to seven reels, these slots do not have fancy graphics, as is the speciality of five-reel slots, and bonus games or free games are also not offered by the same. These have further increased the complexity of the game, but are not very liked by gamblers, resulting in much less availability of the same.


Baccarat: the game and its twists

Baccarat is a popular Casino game, available in three variants. It is a comparing game, played between the two hands, the player and the banker. Each round of play or the baccarat coup has three possible outcomes, one where the player wins, other where the banker wins and third where there is a tie between the two.

It is especially popular among high rollers and Asians. Baccarat is an extremely dominant game in Macau. Though it appears to be serious and elegant, Baccarat is as simple as betting on the flip of a coin.

Baccarat was once one of the most often played games in French Casinos. Though today it has been replaced by Chemin de Fer, one of the variants of Baccarat. The other two variants are Punto Banco and Baccarat Banque.

Baccarat is one of a unique casino game for two reasons. Baccarat is usually played in a separate room, which is away from the main gaming floor and, so it is always seen with an air of mystique by people who do not understand the game. The twist in Baccarat is that it is the only casino game, out of so many others, where the player can bet on the dealer’shand instead of his own hand.

Baccarat is very popular because of its simplicity and easy to learn feature. The rules of the game are also simple.

Both the player and the dealer start with hands of two cards and need to get close to 9. The total of the hands in Baccarat can go only up to 9. Number card is valued at their face value, Aces at 1 and Picture cards at 10. Jokers are not used.

At the point when a hand is managed the cards are included, and if the aggregate is all the more at that point to, the ten is expelled from the aggregate. For instance, if you managed a five and an eight, the aggregate is 13, and in the wake of expelling the 10, your hand is left with a sum of three.

The best turn in Baccarat is a Natural, which implies that the two cards that you are managed mean 9. This hand wins consequently unless the other player likewise has a Natural.

In the event that there is no victor from the first round, the player and the merchant are each given an additional card to decide the champ. From these sums, it is resolved by the merchant of the player’s hands win. On the off chance that there is a tie, all wagers are left on the table and players can proceed with the best for the following diversion, or to evacuate their wagers.

If playing online, you will also find a lot of online casinos offering a bonus. A lot of online casinos overlook baccarat bonuses, but due to the strong and dedicated following regarding the same, many of the top online casinos have come up with the bonus. The amount may go up to $250.

Attractions for live casino games

In a live casino game, a human who is a dealer, will be present at the casino gaming table and run the instructions of the player from there, live, which the player might watch via a live streaming video link. The player may watch the actions of his bet on the video link and place bets accordingly. To communicate with the live dealer, the player will have a text chat function.

This game helps a player to play a game in a real casino from anywhere around the world. It also allows the player to relate to the game just like an online casino game, but the results will be determined by real-life actions. You can look at it from either of these two angles.

These games might appear to be fairer to the players as they can see whatever bets are being placed and how the game is carried out. The results can also be seen via the live streaming video. Thus, many might find it fairer than Random Number Generator, usually used by online casinos to generate the number after the bets have been placed.

Since a lot of investment is needed for the same regarding technology and staffing, these are a lot more expensive for the websites, than other virtual casino games. Not just a cameraman, and several croupiers, but IT support team will also be required to deal with technical glitches which may occur during the game. The high cost of investment could be the reason for such handful of games in live dealer mode. Few of the most popular games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat are offered in this format.

Usually live dealer games require a three or more-room setup, where one would be a live studio, other a server room and third could be the analysts room (The results of the transactions by the dealer, are translated into data that can be utilized by software by means of optical character recognition and might be used later for analysis purposes as well).

Different online casinos provide the games via different modes, some also have their television channel while others offer games exclusively via their websites. The bets can be placed using mobile phones or television remote controls when playing via the television channel.

These allow one to interact with the croupier; otherwise many might feel demotivated to play the game in front of a computer screen. By giving an option to interact with someone, and have the feeling of being present in an actual casino, these games might motivate the players and increase their interests. The charge or commission may also be higher in case of these games since the costs involved are also high, but the provision to play in a real setup, from anywhere is worth the money to many.

Though it might be provided only by a few online casinos, which again offer only selected games in this format, it is a very attractive concept, and people tend to trust this format more than the normal online format.

Black Jack tip: How to play Blackjack for beginners

Any gambling, incl. card blackjack, is based on three basic principles – starting capital, math and player emotions. Those who can not connect all these components together, will never be in profit. Therefore, this article will give some advice, mainly for beginners, although something can be learned for themselves and experienced players.

Working with your capital

Immediately I want to talk about the financial side of the issue.

1. First, the player must be ready that the money put to them can be lost. This means that it is necessary to allocate for such purposes exactly the amount with which the player will not be afraid to leave.

2. In no case can not put the last money or even worse, borrow money from someone for the game. This is fraught with the emergence of debts, which obviously will not bring positive emotions to the player.

3. In addition, the bank must be properly distributed. A certain amount must be selected for each bet. The player must operate with the size of the bet, depending on the size of the pot.

Blackjack Mathematics


Now let’s talk about mathematics, or rather, about the strategy of the game. Each player who wants to really increase his bank, rather than lose, must adhere to a certain style of play – strategy. Strategies are completely different, and there is no guarantee that it will fit the player.

However, it is recommended to get acquainted with the basics of the basic blackjack strategy, which describes the basic principles of behavior when different combinations fall out. It is also desirable to choose some combination of strategies for themselves that will really work and help minimize the advantage of the casino.

Control emotions

And, finally, emotions. It is their manifestations that most often interfere with us in many things when new people learn how to play blackjack for beginners, especially in real money gambling. It is always necessary to try to control yourself regardless of whether the player wins or loses.

In any situation, my black jack tip number one is: you need to know when to stop. Any series ends sooner or later. If you are running a winning series, having won a deliberate amount, it’s better to stop than to start losing. But the time of the unsuccessful band also does not need to try hard to recoup. You just need to get used to the idea that not all days are lucky. After a black or white band, it’s better to rest, think about how it happened, and only then play again. It’s better if it’s already the next day.

Remember, the increase in bets (both with winnings and during losses) is fraught with an early loss of the entire gaming bank. To prevent this from happening, you always need to put the same amount of money and not play risky strategies.

Do not forget about the above, keep your bank and emotions under control, and luck will accompany you in the game.

Live Roulette with Live Dealers

The obvious advantages of playing live roulette online casino

Already less common for many players online roulette is replaced by a more realistic and close to reality – live roulette. And this is not surprising, because it has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • Playing live roulette with a real dealer does not imply the use of RNG, everything happens in real time, in the eyes of the player, thanks to which the confidence index to such a game is greatly increased. Especially considering the fact that many players still do not particularly trust the algorithm of the number generator.
  • Live game creates the effect of being in off-line casinos, where players can communicate with the dealer and other participants.
  • Cute dealers in a live casino will also help to spend pleasant time in their company, supporting conversations on almost any topic.
  • I play it live roulette, you can safely apply these or other strategies (many roulette strategy games are on, since this very theory of probability is based on which they are all built, again, unlike the generator numbers.

There is a disadvantage in living roulette – it is impossible to play it without money. To join the table on the account of the player must be sufficient funds. You also cannot demo play roulette when it’s live.

However, considering that in every online casino there are slots in with different betting limits, each player will be able to find the right one for himself if he or she chooses to try something other than roulette.

Roulette with live dealer


It would seem that you can still create with such a monotonous game like roulette, and even in the modern online casino, when the end user of the game can be at a huge distance from the roulette itself. Nevertheless, in such high-tech conditions, in which the online casino works, everything can be transformed, including the queen of any casino roulette.

The first bells were the appearance in modern online casino of such types of games as:

  • American Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • French Roulette
  • Mini Roulette
  • Roulette without Zero

Players who choose this mode of live roulette, play roulette now, instantly, and see on their monitors not a video model of the roulette wheel and the dealer’s robot, but a real roulette that will be untwisted by a living person. It is only natural that all this will happen in real time.

The rules of the game will be absolutely identical to the rules for roulettes operating without a live dealer. For the convenience of players, they will also have a text chat for messaging, both with the dealer and with other users sitting at your table.

The only requirement for a player who has chosen a game mode with a live dealer is the presence of a high-speed, stable Internet. The quality of the video stream is 128 kbs by default. The quality of the video image can be changed, as well as the screen size with the dealer.