Free Pokies: 6 Best Free Pokies Sites


Free Pokies Sites:

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Free Pokies or Slots, as they are known around the world are a fascinating invention. At the very same time, every slot machine is familiar as well as unique. That’s why these games are so popular online and live. When you get bored by one pokies machine, you don’t have to learn the rules of a new game from scratch. The mechanics are all the same, just sit down and spin away on a new game.

But playing pokies can be an emotional rollercoaster. One minute you are down $100 and the next thing you know, you have a jackpot on your hands. But that does not happen often. So, whenever you can play free pokies, you absolutely should.

In this post, you will be able to find pretty much all of the information that you might need to know about free pokies. We will look into different aspects of pokies, and how to play them for free. All of your questions will be answered so look no further!

Why is it relevant? Why is there even a need for free online pokies? What are the best ways to get them? All of that and many more will be talked about in just a second. Get ready to expand your knowledge about the great world of free pokie games!

What is the Reason for Having Free Pokies?

As we have mentioned above, pokie games are a little bit like a rollercoaster. You cannot really know what the end result will be. One of the main differences between pokies and other online casino games is that it is just up to you and your luck. You really do not need to spend hours learning some sort of strategy or trying to come up with an elaborate plan on how you will win.

Let your luck do it for you!

This is how the excitement is created!

On the other hand, excitement does not always end well. That is why many people are simply afraid of playing pokies. They do not want to lose money the moment they start playing. Pokie games are really fast, so they are afraid that the speed of their wallet getting empty is just as fast. However, this has changed.

Many websites are now trying to get rid of that idea. They are implementing free pokies where people can try out games and see if they like it. Players can get hundreds of free spins and play free pokies for days.

Of course, it depends on every website. Some have free pokies for just new players and some provide them every hour. We will give you many different websites to choose from in the end.

What Kind of Pokies Should I Choose?

We can only provide the information, but it is up to you to choose in the end. As it was mentioned, there are pokies which give out free spins for just the new players, and there are those who give out hourly. There are also some online pokies which give out additional free spins with every deposit that you make. It all depends on how often you play and what your needs are.

Some players claim that hourly free spins are the best for them as they can keep playing for quite a while and come back in some time. Whatever type of free pokies you choose, you will still enjoy the free spins that you will get.

So, Should You Play Pokies?

The short answer is yes. It might sound a little bit biased but think about it for a second. Pokies games are fun and easy to play. You can have a great evening without even leaving your house all thanks to online casino games. All you need to do is find the best free online pokies and start playing.

Now is the part when we talk about different ways to win at slot machines. Free spins also give you an opportunity to try out the game before depositing your own money and going for the bigger prizes.

How to Play Free Pokies

Playing free pokies may seem something that is very easy.  Google gives you 2.7 million search results for ‘play free pokies’. It must be easy to find some free games.

True, it’s not hard. But, while not many know this, there are a variety of ways you can play free pokies. And even the same ways are not equal in value.

Let me explain.

You can Play Free Pokies Online Through Play-Money Versions

Many casinos allow you to play slots online in demo versions (for play money). Some allow trying out every game at the casino, some have limited selections but at the end of the day, you play for free. But you cannot win or lose anything either.

Playing Free Pokies as a Free Spins Reward

Tons of casinos offer free spins for their players. You can get 20 free spins when you register as well as hundreds of more when you make your first, second and/or third deposit. Different casinos have different rules.

What you should keep an eye out for are casinos that reward free spins as a loyalty reward. Instead of a minimum stake free spins, which is often the case with your registration reward, loyalty free spins have bigger value, sometimes every spin is worth €1, €2 or even €5.

Free Pokies as a Deposit Bonus Reward

So, the second way is to get free spins directly. Often, the casino will determine where you are allowed to use your free spins and when they expire.

The other way is to get cash as a deposit bonus (or a registration bonus) and use that to play any games you want. While free spins tend to expire in 24 hours, most bonuses remain active for at least a couple of weeks, a month or as long as you remain active.

As you can see, with different ways to play online pokies for free, you have lots of freedom to choose how to play. Maybe you want to try out a new game? Why not switch to the play money mode? Want to play for free and have a chance of winning real cash?

Look for casinos with free spins upon registration.

How to Play Slot Machines and Win More

Now, this is a very important question many newbies have. And the answer is pretty simple – by managing your bankroll and using free pokies games whenever you can.

Here’s the truth.

The casino always has the edge.

On blackjack, on roulette and pokies.

That’s something you cannot change. However, how you play, when, how much and everything else depends only on you.

For example, you can have accounts on 5 different casinos and move money around to the one that has the best promotions that week or month.


You cannot beat the casino at the edge, but you can improve the odds by using all the opportunities casinos throw your way. That means following their newsletters, using deposit bonuses, claiming loyalty rewards, participating in social media giveaway, etc. It all adds up to nice value.

And as I mentioned, you have to also closely follow your bankroll. It may not be as fun, but it is crucial if you want to spend as much time as possible playing free slots. If the pokies game is not paying, leave. You don’t have to wait until it starts paying or you get lucky.

You have the freedom to choose.

Start a new game, play a bit. If it’s not going well, choose another one.

Another thing is to choose your games carefully. If you have less than €100 in your bankroll, don’t play pokies that cost more than €0.30 per spin. And check the payout rate of the pokies machine when you start playing a new game. Only play pokies with >95% payout. While specific online slots depend on the player and its bankroll, there are a few names among casino that have proved themselves as worthy options when it comes to free spins and big rewards.

Where to Play Free Pokies?

And finally, the question that needed the most research from my part.

Where to actually find best pokies? And how to make sure the online casino won’t ruin the excitement.

Play at these casinos and they won’t disappoint you in any regard.

Energy Casino

A well-recognized name among online casinos. Lots of offers to collect x2 loyalty points as well as endless reload bonuses.


MyBet has earned lots of praise as a sports betting platform since they launched in 2001. But don’t underestimate them as a casino to play free pokies.

At the moment they have 5 different promotions to win 50 free spins each.


A brand that does not need any introductions.

After almost 20 years partycasino has become an example of how generosity earns loyal following.

100% extra up to 500 € and 20 Free SpinsT & C Apply


Lose yourself at the Slotsmagic!

Arguably, they have the best welcome offer for free spins fans.

Register, deposit, and earn 520 free spins with ZERO wagering!

It does not get any better.

Get 100% up to €100 + 50 Free SpinsT & C Apply


SpaceLilly is a new casino but well-worth the benefit of the doubt.

Not only do you get up to €1,000 upon your first three deposits, but also 200 free spins without wagering requirements as well as more free spins on pokies with reload bonuses.

€1,000 free bonuses and 200 extra free spinsT & C Apply