How to win on slot machines every time – Best Tips!

“Slot machines are totally random and you can never win on them”: this is what a lot of people say and it’s not true. Slot machines are random, yes, but there are playing strategies that can help you have a better edge. Using some or all of the tips outlined here can show you how to win on slot machines every time or at least boost your chances of winning significantly.

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Slot machine payouts

All regulated slot machines have to come with a declared payout percentage by law. This applies to physical machines as well as those online. The amount paid out is typically between 82% and 98% although most are in the low to mid 90s. This means that if a machine has for example a 95% payout that it returns 95% of what is wagered. That doesn’t mean that if you stake $10 you’re guaranteed to win €9.50; it’s calculated over a longer period of gameplay. Over 1,000,000 this machine will return €950,000, but there can still be “streaks” of regular wins or periods of none at all during this cycle.

Always play at a registered casino, either physical or online, and make sure they are properly regulated before playing – an online casino will always display certificates of registration and regulation prominently, usually on their home page.

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How to win on slot machines every time

Here are some tips for how to win regularly or increase your chances of winning on video slot machines:

Play maximum payout games

It’s very easy to be lured in by large progressive jackpots, but they actually harm your chances of winning. How? Well the progressive jackpot is part of the slot machine’s payout, so you will not receive as many smaller wins as you might otherwise. A progressive jackpot is a large pot which increases throughout play. It won’t just apply to your gameplay and it will be linked to other players, possibly even to other machines, but at the same time if there’s a pot of €100,000 to be won it will definitely impact your chances of winning any other decent prize.

Playing maximum payout slot machines puts the odds of winning more in your favor and that’s what counts. Winning little and often is the key to long time slot machine success, rather than greedily searching for the one big win which will probably never come.

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Play a smaller jackpot machine

Much along the same lines as the previous tip, a smaller jackpot of say €100 dollars is easier to win than €1,000. If someone else wins €1,000 on a machine right before you play then your chances of a decent win are lower as it takes a while to build up the amount again. Remember, when little and often wherever possible.

Avoid slot games with fancy graphics

While these games are fun to play and very entertaining, it takes a long time between spins if you have to watch a few seconds of animation each time you press play. This means the slot machine takes a longer time to build up money and lowers the chance of good payouts. You need a machine that plays quickly so in that case choose a more traditional, simple slot machine. Most casinos have a ‘classic slots’ section for this. This will definitely will increase your chance on how to win on slot machines every time.

Standard deviation

Count the number of spins between wins and do this ten time. You can now calculate the frequency with which a machine pays a win. Mathematics is always your friend in gambling and it can help you with slot machines too.

Go big or go home

A risky strategy is to bet big. It might not pay off, but it is the preferred strategy of quite a few gamblers. Rather than depositing €10 and playing 50 20 cent spins, this method involves having just one €10 spin. The winnings are much higher if you win, but a loss and it’s over almost instantly. It is a bit like a quick fix, but it can be rewarding. Remember your €2 win from a 20 cent bet would be €100 if you’d played for €10 a spin.

Try changing your playing to incorporate these tips and see how much better you fare! If you follow these tips, you will definitely increase the probability, and will see that how to win on slot machines every time is most likely not possible, but probable.