No Limit Poker: Texas Holdem Poker game with no limits




If I were to ask you what card game you like to pay, I would probably have a hundred different answers within an hour. That is true, there are a lot of great card games. But I like one in particular – no limit poker.

There are many reasons for it. For example, it is easy to learn, it’s accessible no matter where you live, etc. Needless to say, I expect some people to disagree. That is fine. But I would also add that my love for no limit hold’em poker is backed up by millions of people around the world.

No limit poker – dominate cash games and tournaments

While this hasn’t always been the case, these days no limit poker is a dominant game across many live tournaments and cash games. So, if you want to crush it in poker, first of all you have to learn no limit hold’em poker.

Every year there are a dozen of big poker events as well as hundreds more of the smaller ones. And most of them have no limit poker format main events as well as most of the side events. In addition to poker tournaments, cash games during these festivals such as Pokerstars Championship, Unibet Open and others are also mostly played in no limit games.

It has no limits

As corny as it may sound, no limit poker does not have limits i.e. it allows players to make bets of any size. And this is very important.

I would assume that anyone who has heard about poker, knows the concept of bluffing. A successful bluff is rarely an isolated achievement but rather a result of continuous image building. Unlimited bets help us do exactly that.

There is a form of an amateur player that most experienced players hate. That is the all-in guy. This is someone who is very much capable of making a huge bet no matter what happened in this particular round before him. Whether for value or for bluff, he may go all-in disregarding the current size of the pot while most pros make most best depending on the size of the pot.

And the reason why experienced players hate these guys is because they confuse them. Say what you will but most of the time your goal as a poker player is to confuse your opponents and these guys in do it brilliantly.

No limit Poker is accessible to everyone



This point plays a little bit into both previous points of domination and having no limits. First of all, in no limit poker you can go as high as well as low as you like. Meaning, even if you have 1c in your bankroll, you can still find a game to play. Not to mention all the freerolls available that give you a chance to build a bankroll from scratch. And all of this is amazing, especially if you yourself like the game and would like to see it grow. New players have very little to risk (if anything at all) and can enter a wide variety of no limit games in order to attract more fans of the game.

Another thing is that it is accessible from anywhere in the world. You don’t have to go to a live casino in order to enjoy some poker. Rather, you can open up your laptop or tablet, find hundreds of online poker rooms and start playing for free.

I do mean for free. Poker rooms often give away free No limit poker tournament and cash game tickets, allow entries to exclusive new player freerolls and much more.

And lastly, what I love about no limit poker, especially online is that you are never tied up. For example, in casinos you often have wagering requirements to complete in order to withdraw. Not in no limit poker. If you play online, you can easily move your bankroll around from one poker room to the one with better offers that month.

Poker is about realizing your equity and using your edge in whatever situation you are in. Much like life, isn’t it? Perhaps that’s why people love no limit poker the most.