Billionaire Casino

4.8 / 5

10 MILLION in free chips
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Billionaire Casino

  • Engaging Free-to-play Slots App
  • Players can create or join clubs to meet new people
  • Over 100 slots games by Huuuge Games
  • Available on Google Play, Apple App Store and Amazon App Store


  • Highly socially interactive
  • Available in 14 languages
  • Colorful interface
  • Good starter tutorial
  • Billionaire Leagues of players clubs
  • Wider than average level on selection of games
  • Huuuge Games collection


  • Overly crowded lobby and game interface
  • Lack of Facebook connection is a bonus rewards disadvantage

Billionaire Casino info

Name Billionaire Casino
Established 2016
Support Options Support email

Billionaire Casino Review and How to Get Free Spins


Billionaire casino was launched by Huuuge Casino in 2012. It’s an extravagant social casino where every player gets to be a high roller. Out-of-this-world progressive jackpots exceeding 50 Billion coins. It’s all here for you to take it down.

Billionaire Casino is highly rated due to its unique approach to casino, not to mention daily rewards. But we’ll get to that in a second.

If you’re looking to join Billionaire Casino, stick around. A bit later I will reveal a few tips on how to get the most amount of free chips.

Vast Billionaire Casino Games

Billionaire casino provides a full-on Las Vegas experience. However, Slots hold a very special place here. You have over 100 games to indulge in. Some are fun, classic, 1-payline Vegas-style Slots, while others exceed thousands of paylines and feature billion-coin jackpots.

And yes, I did say Billion.

But you don’t have to play slots. Billionaire Casino means fun in every way you can imagine. Play funky baccarat, high roller poker, incredible roulette, and tons of other casino games.

Billionaire Casino Free Spins

At Billionaire casino free spins are extra juicy. Not only you get to try new games without spending your precious bankroll, there are no limits to what prize you may get.

You probably know that in most casinos wins from free spins and bonuses carry heavy limits. But not here.

So, how do you get free spins at Billionaire?

Most of the time, you wait for a new game. Follow Billionaire Casino on social media. Whenever there is a new game at Billionaire Casino, it comes with an announcement and a promotion. Sign up and get 100 free spins to try a new game!

Billionaire Casino Tips and Tricks

Everyone is curious about Billionaire casino tips and tricks. We all know how fast free chips can leave your bankroll.

Well, I can’t teach you how to win more. It’s a casino, so luck is always a part of the process. But I can show you how you can get more free coins and get more chances to win. Interested?

How to get free coins at Billionaire Casino

First, look after your bankroll

Downswings are bad enough without you making everything work. In fact, that’s the whole purpose of a bankroll – to get you through the downswings. So, always make sure you have 700-1200 bets left in ($1 bets on a $700 bankroll).

10 MILLION in free chips
This Offer Has ExpiredT & C Apply

Second, use your Facebook perks

Long are the days when connecting Facebook would grant you millions of free coins. But, there is still value to be gained. Not to mention that it will help you sync your account on different devices.

Grow your bankroll slow and steady

At Billionaire Casino you will come across something they call lotteries. Give them a shot but don’t get carried away. It’s not the way to the top. Instead, find a few friends and share coins between each other as often as you can.

Play tournaments

Next, my favorite. You probably won’t win your first tournament but don’t let that stop you. Do you want the moolah? Then get on those tournaments. Besides, Billionaire casino tournaments are top-class entertainment.

Play fixed jackpot slots

This is not a theory I have tested with a number of other players. But it certainly helped me reach my first Billion coins. Basically, progressive (ever-growing) bankrolls have a larger appeal. Which allows casinos offer slightly worse odds. Fixed-jackpot slots were much ‘friendlier’ to me.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Just try it. And please let me know if you have a similar experience.

Download Billionaire Casino App

Of course, there is nothing wrong with playing Billionaire Casino games on Facebook. But why be glued to your chair when you can download Billionaire casino app and play anywhere you are?

Billionaire Casino is available on Android as well as iOS, both apps are highly rated.

iOS version is rated at 4.2-stars with over 10,000 ratings. While the much more popular Android version on the Google Play Store was rated over 80,000 times and stands at 4.5-stars. All in all, the Billionaire Casino app was downloaded over 8,500,000 times.

Billionaire Casino

In size Billionaire casino can’t compare to the long-running casinos with 50+ million players. At least not yet. But it’s getting there. There’s everything I need at a casino. Billionaire Casino’s extensive list of different casino games going way beyond your everyday slots is a massive advantage over other casinos I’ve played at.

But it’s more than just games. More than free coins and jackpots.

You are rewarded endlessly. Always looked after. Always listened to.

That does ot happen often in the industry. That’s why Billionaire Casino has been one of my favorite places to play in the last several months.